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Sanitaria Springs Fire Company

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About Us

Fire / Medical Officers

Chief                               Alan LaClair

1st Assistant Chief            Chuck Rogers

2nd Assistant Chief            Floyd LaClair

3rd Assistant Chief            Dale Holbert

Captain                           Joe LaClair

1st Lieutenant                  Jason Fletcher

2nd Lieutenant                  Gary Kiehle


Medical Team Captain       Joe LaClair

Medical Team Lieutenant   Tom Planavsky Sr.

Corporate Officers

President                        Floyd LaClair

1st Vice President           Chuck Rogers

2nd Vice President          Leon Miller

Secretary                       Nicole Rogers

Treasurer                       Nicole Rogers


Board of Directors

Leon Miller – Chairman

Dale Holbert

Gary Haynes

Jason Fletcher

Tom Planavsky Jr.

Ken Hayes

Alan LaCLair

Our Apparatus

Engine 49-1
Tanker 49-2
Brush Truck 49-3
Rescue 49-6
Antique / Parade Truck 49-5

Photos of our trucks are coming......
Red car

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